Logic is the beginning of wisdom…

1380-download-futuristic-quotes-1600x900“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.  I am so looking forward to the next step.”  Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek

Okay, I admit it; I love to watch Star Trek!   I don’t watch as often as I used to… work gets in the way a little.  I did go to the latest movie, “Into Darkness”, and called Michael Kaplan, the costume designer, and told him I loved it!  I saw it in 3D and the fabrics used in the costumes just popped!

Aside from the imaginative costumes that great sci-fi movies show, I love to go to movies like “Star Trek” and see what the filmmakers have imagined for future technology and gadgets.

I remember watching the original series and loving all the gadgets that were developed as props for the show… that now we are actually using today.  Like flip phones… oh those are so 20 years ago! the-original-series-star-trek-35415710-1920-1200

“Her ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

It is the same for us costumers… technological progression I mean.  Can you imagine in 1950 telling a costumer that in 50 years, or there about, that we would all be able to take photos with our wireless hand held phones, send those images through an invisible information web to designers in a matter of seconds… and then discuss them over a video phone call?  Maybe if your last name is Jetson.

No, they would have pushed us off the set because we were too crazy to hire!


Doing it old school at Disney! 1950′s Disney Live Models Combined with Cartoon

Now that technology is changing so rapidly, it is really amazing to think what we could be using 50 years from now.  Hold on, check that… because it is almost impossible to think what we could be using just 5 years from today!

“Let them eat Static!” Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan from 1982

Ted Talks is full of amazing videos, I love the one by John Underkoffler: Pointing to the Future of UI (user interface).  Part of the talk was based on when Production Designer, Alex McDowell, requested a group from MIT to create a ‘Spacial Operating Environment’, for the movie “Minority Report”.  This was to be the film’s possible vision of the future, where people could use their hands to use the ‘6 degrees of freedom’, and Underkoffler was in charge of the project.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.12.51 AM

Mark Walberg, ‘Date Night’

This talk was from 2010.  Underkoffler mentioned in this talk that he hoped to have this technology available to all users in the next 10 years.  Then, later that year, the 1st generation of the iPad was released… with the most advanced user interface platform available to consumers at that time… and we were all brought into the new generation of tech.

How does this affect costumers?  Well, now, just 3 short years later, while working on set I can swipe through my photo selections, drop them onto my continuity notes page, print my notes wirelessly from my iPad through my AirPrint printer… with the help of my tiny hotspot device that connects the whole mess through my cell phone.  Wicked user interface… check.  Wireless connectivity through personal network… check.  Efficient multimedia workflow… check.  Costumer magic goddess voodoo… check.

Explain that one 50 year years ago.a-final-collaboration-between-alfred-hitchcock-and-costume-designer-edith-head-family-plot-1976Oh, and in case you missed it, I am a total gadget girl!

“Chekov: Course heading, Captain?  Kirk: Second star to the right and straight on till morning.”  Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

I am amazed what advancements have been developed for our industry… even the last year.  The Apps that are now available are wonderful.  I have worked with, to name just a few, DH costumes, iCostume, Capture Notes, Continuity Pro, Photo Label, Pages, Office2 HD, and iAnnotate PDF.  I look at almost everything that has to do with us costumers, or film industry artists.  Some I like and some I don’t.  Ultimately it’s for you to decide what works best for your work system.

What I can say is; being able to download and label my photos, then write up my notes and print them all out with ease at the end of the day… wow, what and wonderful step!

logical_awesomeI am so looking forward to the next step in technology… and I am wondering if I stumbled over it the other day!

I was talking with a makeup artist on set and she was telling me about a new product that is being developed that works with neurotechnology and connects wirelessly with your computer.

Emotiv Insight has a fascinating product, The Epoc Neuroheadset… and I am truly excited to get my hands on one!   It works by reading your brainwaves!  I relish in the possibility of making wireless neuro-continuity notes while I do touches, hold cozy coats and double check shots.


The Epoc Neuroheadset

I envision the future of an extreme multi-tasking costumer… and I can’t wait!

To all future costumer and techno geeks…

“Live long and prosper!” 

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