Logic is the beginning of wisdom…

1380-download-futuristic-quotes-1600x900“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.  I am so looking forward to the next step.”  Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek

Okay, I admit it; I love to watch Star Trek!   I don’t watch as often as I used to… work gets in the way a little.  I did go to the latest movie, “Into Darkness”, and called Michael Kaplan, the costume designer, and told him I loved it!  I saw it in 3D and the fabrics used in the costumes just popped!

Aside from the imaginative costumes that great sci-fi movies show, I love to go to movies like “Star Trek” and see what the filmmakers have imagined for future technology and gadgets.

I remember watching the original series and loving all the gadgets that were developed as props for the show… that now we are actually using today.  Like flip phones… oh those are so 20 years ago!  Continue reading


shit-fire-and-save-matchesThe other day on set, our actress yelled, ‘Shit fire and save the matches!’ in the middle of a scene.  Nope, that wasn’t her line… she had fumbled her actual line a few times in a row and was getting frustrated with herself.

It was funny!  I almost cracked up in my hiding place behind a lighting flag.

I was reminded of this yesterday after reading a blog by the Anonymous Production Assistant.  Kendra wrote in and asked the Anonymous PA about how to talk to and deal with actors on set.  Anonymous wrote a great response about how a production assistant could approach dealing with cast. Continue reading

Hey, are you looking for Me?!?

IMG_1966I often take a look at the ‘Search Engine Terms’ that are posted on my blog site. This is something that let’s me know what things people were searching for when they chose to visit my site. It’s really interesting to see what combination of words will lead you to “Don’t Shoot the Costumer”.

A large number of hits have been things I have talked about or I plan to chat about, and a few are things I don’t think relate to costuming… but then who knows, I did blog about peeing!

One of the searches was ‘in pinnas venti’ which in Latin means ‘Wings of the Wind’ (according to the translate program on my computer)… very nice… but it also came up with some, well… shall I say interesting web sites when I googled it myself!!

Continue reading

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”

John Lennon

I love… I mean love, love, love… working on a certain types of movies. I do work on all styles of film and TV, from high style to fantasy… what I adore are grubby, dirty, bloody action shows. Be it a western or a thriller, contemporary or period, I love to be able run around and make people dirty, sweaty and bloody. Blow things up… great! Strap the cast in harnesses and fly them about… fantastic! It makes the days go fast. There is always tons of things that I have to think about to keep everything going forward and looking good!

I was picking up a few groceries the other day and, as always, scouted down the magazine isle. I am not a reader of the fashion mags… I know that they have a lot to do with our jobs, but I am a ‘set girl’ and yes I do look like one as well! No matter where you go in the world you can pretty much walk on to any set and pick out the crew members for various departments by how they’re dressed and what is hanging off of them. I try not to walk around with all those Ziplocks pinned to me, but sometimes I just can’t help it… I mean really, how did my husband fall in love with me? Continue reading

“Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Spit.”


Song “Boys ‘Round Here”movies-quotes_00391772

On the road again!

I am off on another adventure, it’s a location shoot… and it’s a Western! It has been a number of years since my last one and I have missed them. I love this kind of movie… the men wear big hats, the ladies wear corsets, all the cowboys say, ‘Howdy ma’am’, (Yes really they do!) and the men chew tobacco (I don’t like the spitting… Yuck).

There is tons of dirt, blood, horses and period clothing… I couldn’t ask for better! Continue reading

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Mark Twain


Director Steven Spielberg accidentally stepped into the frame of one of his first movies, a made-for-television production called Duel. When the film was released on DVD, Spielberg left the mistake in to remind him of the imprecise nature of film making. Link

When I was a kid I would watch movies curled up beside my father on the sofa, eating Ritz crackers and drinking ginger ale. This was the time of VCR’s so we could rewind when required. When he saw an error he would ask, did you see that? Then rewind the scene and we would watch it again… and again, till I could point it out to him. It was our game. I loved it and still do… much to the dismay of my husband! Hey, don’t all people watch TV like me? I guess not.

I receive an email last week from a new follower to my blog. This person asked me to give him some pointers for costume continuity. I took a look at what the Internet had to say and there are some wonderful descriptions already so I will link to one of them, and also give a few pointers of my own! Continue reading


2872720463_c7b807a864So true are those words.

I am currently on one of those shows that is all encompassing. We are establishing between 10 and 20 costumes a day and the script travels between India, Brazil and San Francisco.

The background players are changing constantly between scenes and countries. This week we have done explosions, bullet hits, fight sequences and everything else in you can imagine! Continue reading

“There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.”

Dr. Seuss

I thought this was a good one to pass on.

Lots of you may already know about the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) setting that is an option in your camera.  However, for the few like me who had no idea about this function, this will make a fabulous difference to your crazy mornings. Continue reading