Sorry Excuse!!!

So 2 weekends ago, I was supposed to finish a fabulous article all about all the amazing things that we load on to our trucks to make our every day jobs that little bit easier!  And then last weekend, same thing.:(

IMG_3846Well our first week seemed to get in the way… but then we were safely through it!  So yippee, we started our 2nd week and just a few more things managed to crop up and rain on my parade!

IMG_3859All of our background players!  Bless their soggy cotton sock made it through the rain towers… IMG_3874and didn’t even complain when all their wine glasses were then filled with cranberry juice and Ginger ale! IMG_9249I found this little moment of happiness left to cheer us all on!

IMG_3903So please stand by while I finish up the last week before our lovely Christmas holiday, and I will soon return with a long and luscious list of what to gather around you, to help with the 101 crazy things that you may or may not be asked for at any given time!

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