This shouldn’t have happened…

maranda2-2675This is way beyond costumes; this kind of incident can and has happened to someone in every department, and I would love to say that from this day forward it won’t happen again… but I can’t.

February 20th, 2014 a horrific accident happened on the set of the feature film “Midnight Rider” and a young camera assistant, Sarah Jones, was killed.

The same accident injured many other crew members, some very seriously.

If you are reading my blog and are trying to get into film, or are fairly new to the film and television industry, you may not yet have an understanding of all of the things that can and do happen in our workplaces.  We sometimes work in dangerous places, with dangerous set pieces.  We sometimes work in hazardous environments.  We lift heavy things and the ground is rarely even underfoot.  We work until we’re bone tired… then we drive home. Continue reading

Why did the Costumer Cross the Road?

Because Locations told them too!

Sweet little orange arrows guiding me to work

Sweet little orange arrows guiding me to work

It all starts at the very beginning of our day. While driving in the pre dawn dark I am happy to see the glow of their little orange arrows sitting snuggly tied to a post on the side of the road directing me to the safety of set. I wonder at their ability to conquer the hours they have to work to set tents up, have chairs in place and tables to eat at. They lay wooden walk ways on the rain soaked ground, make sure that the actors, directors and producer have heaters close by to keep them comfy during shooting and are the general dogsbodies of every kind of shooting prep that is needs to be done on and off of the set. The Locations Department… a costumer’s best friend! Continue reading