“Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Spit.”


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On the road again!

I am off on another adventure, it’s a location shoot… and it’s a Western! It has been a number of years since my last one and I have missed them. I love this kind of movie… the men wear big hats, the ladies wear corsets, all the cowboys say, ‘Howdy ma’am’, (Yes really they do!) and the men chew tobacco (I don’t like the spitting… Yuck).

There is tons of dirt, blood, horses and period clothing… I couldn’t ask for better! Continue reading

C is for Commode! (or Penis Envy: a Costumer’s Dilemma)

restroom-signs-e-men-womenIf you asked me last week what I would write about this week, I would have said ‘C’ is for Continuity, but on Wednesday I was searching for an email in my sent files and came across this letter that I sent while on my last location shoot in an exotic locale… so I thought that this was so much more fun!

Flight of the Porta Potties

Flight of the Porta Potties

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Why did the Costumer Cross the Road?

Because Locations told them too!

Sweet little orange arrows guiding me to work

Sweet little orange arrows guiding me to work

It all starts at the very beginning of our day. While driving in the pre dawn dark I am happy to see the glow of their little orange arrows sitting snuggly tied to a post on the side of the road directing me to the safety of set. I wonder at their ability to conquer the hours they have to work to set tents up, have chairs in place and tables to eat at. They lay wooden walk ways on the rain soaked ground, make sure that the actors, directors and producer have heaters close by to keep them comfy during shooting and are the general dogsbodies of every kind of shooting prep that is needs to be done on and off of the set. The Locations Department… a costumer’s best friend! Continue reading