The amazing Edith Head!

Let’s talk cast and background fittings.

As a Set Supervisor/Key On-Set Costumer I normally help the Designer with fittings on the main cast before we go to camera. This allows the actors and myself to meet before shooting starts. I get to hear some of their concerns and desires to do with the costumes, and figure out how to best work with them on set.

I was talking with our Designer and Coordinator/Supervisor the other day and we came up with a few things that would be very helpful for everyone to know when given the opportunity to help out in a fitting.

These are some little tips that will make the fittings go easier and help with figuring out all the pieces… sorting, labeling and such… when the fitting is over. Continue reading

Hey, are you looking for Me?!?

IMG_1966I often take a look at the ‘Search Engine Terms’ that are posted on my blog site. This is something that let’s me know what things people were searching for when they chose to visit my site. It’s really interesting to see what combination of words will lead you to “Don’t Shoot the Costumer”.

A large number of hits have been things I have talked about or I plan to chat about, and a few are things I don’t think relate to costuming… but then who knows, I did blog about peeing!

One of the searches was ‘in pinnas venti’ which in Latin means ‘Wings of the Wind’ (according to the translate program on my computer)… very nice… but it also came up with some, well… shall I say interesting web sites when I googled it myself!!

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It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man.

Benjamin Franklin

Chaplin, Charlie (Rink, The)_01I am working what I call a crossover.  This is where two shows collide and I have to prep the next show during the weekend of the show I am currently shooting.  My 2 day weekend just turned into the 2 day start of my next picture.  The challenge of working straight through for days… and sometimes weeks on end… is one we have to be prepared for.  The most important thing is to keep smiling, don’t snap at anyone and try to remember that eventually there will be a day of rest.

Keep laughing and take a look at some quotes below.  These are just a few reasons why I love to do what I do.  Tired legs and sleepy eyes not withstanding! Continue reading

Why am I writing this blog?

IMG_1930Well, simply put, I have a desire to help all new and future costume department members not to have to stumble through their first experiences alone.  After years of hunting down information, taking pictures, writing notes, breaking down scripts, organizing crew, keeping cast comfortable, and talking to designers, directors and producers, I hope to share with you some of the knowledge that myself and the amazing set costumers I’ve worked with have discovered through trial and error. Continue reading