I’ve been busy… but having fun!

A busy calendar.

I got a call from my mother the other day wondering if she had missed my last few blogs.  “The last one I read was in May?”  She questioned.

Yep, sad but true!  It was ‘Duct Tape‘… and it was May.

I’m so sorry!  (How very Canadian of me… but I am sorry!)

But I do have an excuse… how good it is, I don’t know… but it’s a good jumping off point for today’s blog.

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Get a job, Sha na na na, sha na na na na! Get a job, Sha na na na, sha na na na na!

The Silhouettes

IMG_8170I am back home! I love to work on location. Shooting a movie wherever, whenever… it’s always a challenge and a lot of work and I really enjoy that! But, (I think) like everyone else, I also love returning back to my wonderful home.

Having said that, the end of a show means that it’s time to get another job.

As I said in my blog, “Fears are Paper Tigers”, one of the challenges of working in the film industry is the number of times we are laid of in a year… well not really laid off, I guess… each show is a contract, contract ends; job over.

So here I am out looking for the next fabulous, exciting and challenging job!

While I was packing up during the final days of my last show, some of the newer costumers were asking questions, like: How do you find another job? How do you know where to look for what’s happening? Do productions just call and offer you a job? Do you have to keep trying to find the next show yourself? Continue reading

Very Superstitious, Writing’s on the Wall!

Stevie Wonder

project-superstitions-all-three-postersI thought I would continue my thoughts on working with actors… this time with some good old fashioned wives’ tales involved!

Am I superstitious, sure, aren’t we all in a little way.  I always follow the rules of:

Don’t open an umbrella in the house (or the costume truck)! (by the way this isn’t a superstition in Korea!). Continue reading


shit-fire-and-save-matchesThe other day on set, our actress yelled, ‘Shit fire and save the matches!’ in the middle of a scene.  Nope, that wasn’t her line… she had fumbled her actual line a few times in a row and was getting frustrated with herself.

It was funny!  I almost cracked up in my hiding place behind a lighting flag.

I was reminded of this yesterday after reading a blog by the Anonymous Production Assistant.  Kendra wrote in and asked the Anonymous PA about how to talk to and deal with actors on set.  Anonymous wrote a great response about how a production assistant could approach dealing with cast. Continue reading



The amazing Edith Head!

Let’s talk cast and background fittings.

As a Set Supervisor/Key On-Set Costumer I normally help the Designer with fittings on the main cast before we go to camera. This allows the actors and myself to meet before shooting starts. I get to hear some of their concerns and desires to do with the costumes, and figure out how to best work with them on set.

I was talking with our Designer and Coordinator/Supervisor the other day and we came up with a few things that would be very helpful for everyone to know when given the opportunity to help out in a fitting.

These are some little tips that will make the fittings go easier and help with figuring out all the pieces… sorting, labeling and such… when the fitting is over. Continue reading

“Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world.”

Andersson & Ulvaeus


I was taking a class a few years ago and someone asked me what I did for a living. When I told them I worked in the film industry the response was, “Oh, did you fly to class in your helicopter?”

It is a misconception that film industry people make a ton of money. I tried to explain that my hourly wage is actually comparable to most any skilled labor rate, but average workday is fifteen hours long, I can regularly work up to 18 hrs a day and, yes, my individual pay checks will all the overtime can be large… especially after I have worked a hundred hours in a week! Continue reading

“There are three kinds of people; the ones that learn by reading, the few who learn by observation… and the rest of them that have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

Unknown Cowboy


Okay he’s a Brit, but who could complain! (Aliens & Cowboys)

This is our last weekend before camera and as always crazy busy! Fittings, alterations, breakdown, paper work, load the trucks… and many other things to get done before we roll early on Monday!

Forgive me informational blog this weekend and take a look at the email that production sent out to us a few days ago! Cowboy or no these are still words to work, live and laugh by! Continue reading

“If it’s a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.”

Alfred Hitchcock



Standing on set and watching the scene is just one part of the job as On Set Costumer.

Being able to see the monitors can sometimes be difficult due to either the location or the amount people around them. I often try to stand behind/near the cameras while rolling; this allows me to watch the entire action and what the actors do during the scene.

dziga-vertov-man-with-the-movie-camera Continue reading

Why did the Costumer Cross the Road?

Because Locations told them too!

Sweet little orange arrows guiding me to work

Sweet little orange arrows guiding me to work

It all starts at the very beginning of our day. While driving in the pre dawn dark I am happy to see the glow of their little orange arrows sitting snuggly tied to a post on the side of the road directing me to the safety of set. I wonder at their ability to conquer the hours they have to work to set tents up, have chairs in place and tables to eat at. They lay wooden walk ways on the rain soaked ground, make sure that the actors, directors and producer have heaters close by to keep them comfy during shooting and are the general dogsbodies of every kind of shooting prep that is needs to be done on and off of the set. The Locations Department… a costumer’s best friend! Continue reading

How do you make a costume dance? —— Put a little boogie in it!


1 – Camera Angle

2 – Dancers

84 – Edits

and a catchy tune… you have a great dance video.

Now Add:

31 – Fabulous costume changes… and you are transcended through time on a visual roller coaster!

Talk about a costumers dream adding to the brilliance of marketing!





The grand opening ad for Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre.

Thanks for sharing this one Rob!