shit-fire-and-save-matchesThe other day on set, our actress yelled, ‘Shit fire and save the matches!’ in the middle of a scene.  Nope, that wasn’t her line… she had fumbled her actual line a few times in a row and was getting frustrated with herself.

It was funny!  I almost cracked up in my hiding place behind a lighting flag.

I was reminded of this yesterday after reading a blog by the Anonymous Production Assistant.  Kendra wrote in and asked the Anonymous PA about how to talk to and deal with actors on set.  Anonymous wrote a great response about how a production assistant could approach dealing with cast. Continue reading

All Tied Up!


Tracey Graham learning how to lace a corset up at lunch!

What a great, albeit, busy week, and I am on still the run and not sitting down!

Thus… a short blog!

This week we called the union dispatch to get a day-call costumer to come in to help and Tracey Graham join us!

First day on set ever and she rocked it!

I thought I would throw in a photo of our lunch hour lessons with Tracey. We have 5 women that need to be laced back into a corset after lunch, and we threw Tracey into the deep end of our western town pool.

Having a laugh and learning at lunch! Even if it is just sitting with your plate of food and asking those burning questions, it will help to get you to the next step.

Getting all tied up can be fun if you are asking the right question while you do it!

Click here for a great blog on Corsets and Crinolines from the V&A, take a look!

Hey, are you looking for Me?!?

IMG_1966I often take a look at the ‘Search Engine Terms’ that are posted on my blog site. This is something that let’s me know what things people were searching for when they chose to visit my site. It’s really interesting to see what combination of words will lead you to “Don’t Shoot the Costumer”.

A large number of hits have been things I have talked about or I plan to chat about, and a few are things I don’t think relate to costuming… but then who knows, I did blog about peeing!

One of the searches was ‘in pinnas venti’ which in Latin means ‘Wings of the Wind’ (according to the translate program on my computer)… very nice… but it also came up with some, well… shall I say interesting web sites when I googled it myself!!

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