“I know some new tricks”, said the cat in the hat, “A lot of good tricks. I will show them to you. Your mother will not mind at all if I do.”

The cat in the Hat, Dr. Suess


Tricks they are what we build our trade on.

Skill is where we start. I will never say that skill is ever replaceable. The more we know about what we do, the better we are.

For me knowing how to build clothing helps me know better how to take it apart, break it into components, and do what needs to be done on the day to get the shot no matter what is required!

But it is the tricks, the little things that we stumble over, learn the hard way, and then Share!!

Yes, I have used that word again!

Share, share, share… That makes our jobs so much better!

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C is for Commode! (or Penis Envy: a Costumer’s Dilemma)

restroom-signs-e-men-womenIf you asked me last week what I would write about this week, I would have said ‘C’ is for Continuity, but on Wednesday I was searching for an email in my sent files and came across this letter that I sent while on my last location shoot in an exotic locale… so I thought that this was so much more fun!

Flight of the Porta Potties

Flight of the Porta Potties

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A is for…

U9798What a perfect place to start!

An Artisan:

 “… is a person engaged in or occupied by the practice of a craft, who may through experience and talent reach the expressive levels of an artist using their hands, mind and heart in their work and what they create.”  Wikipedia

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