I’ve been busy… but having fun!

A busy calendar.

I got a call from my mother the other day wondering if she had missed my last few blogs.  “The last one I read was in May?”  She questioned.

Yep, sad but true!  It was ‘Duct Tape‘… and it was May.

I’m so sorry!  (How very Canadian of me… but I am sorry!)

But I do have an excuse… how good it is, I don’t know… but it’s a good jumping off point for today’s blog.

The show I was working on in June and July kept us going 7 days a week.

Sometimes you get on a show, you work the standard 80 hrs a week and get your weekend to recoup and the days are wonderful and filled with laughter.  But sometimes you get on a show that is non-stop.  You are running from point A to point B, over to C and maybe there is a G in there, certainly no time for P… all day long… all week long.

At that pace, killer days, running 7 days a week, it’s not impossible for your workweek to hit 120 hrs!  Try explaining that one to friends and family… insert blank stare and slightly bewildered, ‘whuuutttt?’


These are the challenges that we face.  It doesn’t feel too bad while you are there, working; it is all about one foot in front of the other.  But sadly, there is no time for anything else… even a blog!

So I don’t have a lot to show from the last few weeks, I worked, and then I worked and then I did a little more work.  Sleep?  No, can’t really say I remember much of that!

tumblr_lwgmj3vmXD1qzs63fo1_1280Luckily, the sixth and seventh days on this particular show were photo shoots and fittings rather than actually shooting days, which gave me a bit of flexibility… which is good because even though there is actually no time for anything else… I mean anything… I had to make time for something else!

Earlier in the year I promised a few days of volunteering at the Burnaby Village Museum.  I said yes to be part of their summer program celebrating the history of film and television in Burnaby.  At the time, I had had no job for the month of July.  I should have been off relaxing, driving through wine country, drinking slushies on the beach… oh yes, and writing my blog!!

But I thought, what the heck, it’s a great program and a good cause… I can spare a few Saturdays for this.  (My husband is throwing half cooked spaghetti at me as I write this… what do you think that means?)

Then, as fate does, she changed my plans… the killer show of killer shows arrived and we hit the ground sprinting!


But a promise is a promise right?  (Pelted with more spaghetti from my darling husband… hmmm.  What do you think this is code for?)  So for 3 afternoons, although absolutely exhausted, my costumer friend Cat Mudryk, and I took a few hours off from a couple of photo shoot days, kidnapped my husband Mike to carry the gear, and went to Burnaby Village Museum.  There we showed the visiting children and their parents some of the amazing, wonderful and creative things we costumers do with mud, blood and snow!

So was it worth it?

You know when they say a change is just like a rest… they are so right!  Bright eyed and wonderful, all these children showed my sleep deprived little brain how truly lucky I am to go to work each day!  The smiles and peals of laughter were like a rain shower in the desert; magic and desperately, wonderfully rejuvenating!

IMG_6376 IMG_6377

To all the children, tourists who made the trip, parents who got dragged along… thank you to every one of you!  You made it all worthwhile!  (Mike has stopped pelting me with spaghetti… I’m going to take that as his agreement with my last statement.:)

One of the things that I have learned over the years is that giving back is rewarding.  I know that we give all day long at work.  In this industry we often have to relinquish our home time, our family time and our down time… and it is hard to stop and say yes to just one more thing.  But sometimes it is the little things we have to offer that can make a huge difference to others and ourselves.  Remember that giving goes both ways, and sometimes, when all is said and done, you discover you gain so much more than you than you can ever give!

Special huge thank you to my darling husband Mike Adams, and Cat Mudryk, a talented costumer I work with, for all the help!  I am the one that opens my big mouth when folks come looking for volunteers and I am so fortunate to have amazing people around me that just step up and join in!  I am so very lucky!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

5 thoughts on “I’ve been busy… but having fun!

  1. Great reminder to take a few moments, when you can, to appreciate that what we do can be so extraordinary to others. I had a hand in some of the original concept ideas for the tribute to the film industry especially in Burnaby and when I visited last Saturday I was impressed with how it worked out. Folks around me were all ooo’s and awe’s with the displays. Especially the blood samples! Thanks for your willing participation.

  2. wow i’ve missed your blog! i’ve been quite busy at work but love reading your blog as it helps me a lot in my work here! i’m going to start “back reading” from here to catch up on the good stuff i’ve missed! thanks for doing this!

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