All Tied Up!


Tracey Graham learning how to lace a corset up at lunch!

What a great, albeit, busy week, and I am on still the run and not sitting down!

Thus… a short blog!

This week we called the union dispatch to get a day-call costumer to come in to help and Tracey Graham join us!

First day on set ever and she rocked it!

I thought I would throw in a photo of our lunch hour lessons with Tracey. We have 5 women that need to be laced back into a corset after lunch, and we threw Tracey into the deep end of our western town pool.

Having a laugh and learning at lunch! Even if it is just sitting with your plate of food and asking those burning questions, it will help to get you to the next step.

Getting all tied up can be fun if you are asking the right question while you do it!

Click here for a great blog on Corsets and Crinolines from the V&A, take a look!


3 thoughts on “All Tied Up!

  1. Omg I feel like a celebrity! What an amazing team to be apart of , couldn’t have dreamed for a better first day.
    Cheers to you , Odessa and Kat and everyone else for keeping me busy and learning all day. Who knew I’d learn how to make a bonnet with ribbon, a straw hat and an ornery sewingmachine!

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