“Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Spit.”


Song “Boys ‘Round Here”movies-quotes_00391772

On the road again!

I am off on another adventure, it’s a location shoot… and it’s a Western! It has been a number of years since my last one and I have missed them. I love this kind of movie… the men wear big hats, the ladies wear corsets, all the cowboys say, ‘Howdy ma’am’, (Yes really they do!) and the men chew tobacco (I don’t like the spitting… Yuck).

There is tons of dirt, blood, horses and period clothing… I couldn’t ask for better!

The job is a good distance away and I have the option to fly there, but this time I chose to drive!IMG_2470

I was at my storage locker yesterday to organize and pack up my set kit for travel. When I drive, I am able to bring everything I think I will need… and then some.

Always good to have your ass covered, I say!

When I have to fly to a location, I need to be able to pack my set kit, and everything else, into a suitcase at 70LB or less (if I am really lucky 2 suitcases!). So unless I want to go to work naked, I reject all the items that aren’t really the ‘must-haves’.

So when I can… I drive.IMG_2051

If you are doing day calls rather than a full show, this paring down process can get even more severe.

So I thought that this was a great time to share a list of ‘must-haves’ that everyone should carry in their own on-set bag.

A number of years ago, a few of us costumers got together and wrote up a list of things that all day-call costumers should bring for working on set. I pulled out the list and called my good friends again about any additions they would add for today’s set costumer, and this is our up to date list:IMG_1623

Must haves for the day call, day check costumer:

When you get a call for a job, ask where you are going and what you will be doing.  This will help you be as ready as possible for your day.

Here are a few things to keep in a small set bag, ready to go:

Small notebook

Pens; ballpoint and sharpie (thick and fine point)

Safety pins (various sizes)

Top stick

Small sewing kit including:

• Assorted needles

• Assorted threads

• Small scissors with sharp point

• Seam ripper

• Measuring tape

• Assorted button, snaps, hook and eyes

Soft white chalk

Needle nose pliers/multi tool

Cigarette lighter

Lint brush/roller

Small towel/rag

Small flashlight

Shoeshine sponge

Wet wipes

Small shoehorn

One pair of shoelaces, dark color

Emery board

Reusable water bottle (most sets no longer supply water bottles, so refill)

Optional: digital camera (using your phone is not always easy for the supervisor to grab your photos from you)

In your car make sure you have the gear for the changing weather:

Rain gear, extra shoes, hats, gloves, sunscreen and bug spray.

And very important and up-to-date city map!! (When you are out of cell range your maps App will not be of any help to you!)

This list is going to grow and change after you have work awhile, to the point of shoulder breaking quantities, but this is a great place to start!

If you think of something we haven’t mentioned in your bag that was a save-the-day item for you, please share. You can write in the comments section here or you can also post on the Don’t Shoot the Costumer Facebook page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Grab your set bag, fill it up and enjoy being ready for anything!

Enjoy a little road music!

9 thoughts on ““Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Spit.”

  1. Backwoods legit don’t take no lip! It warms this country girl’s heart that you were able to weave Blake Shelton into your always informative blog!

  2. Backwoods legit don’t take no lip! It warms this country girl’s heart that you were able to weave Blake Shelton into your always informative blog!

  3. extra reading glasses, contact solution, any medication. iPhone, camera, and laptop charger… lip lard, utility gloves, and requisite photos of your partner/kids/ fur children (to keep you sane).

  4. What does your set bag look like? Is it a fanny pack? Is it an apron? what is the best kind of bag to keep on you with out getting in the way and still be able to find what you need in there?

    • Well as people have said in the past I am a bag lady! My husband always ask if I really bed another bag… Of course I do! I have used a fanny pack different sizes, a leg pack, a shoulder bag, and a vest apron that I built.

      I prefer to use a sling back pack, and I have a small leather belt with small hip bag for the small needs. With the sling I can put everything I want in it, it sits on my back and out of the way and can slide it forward when I want to get in it.

      Really a set bag is what works best for you and may change depending on what style of show you are doing.
      Hope that gives you some ideas!

  5. Very well written! Note: just now while updating my resume, I googled ‘costumes job descriptions’ to get some wording ideas and your blog was the first hit! congratulations!

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