Work it, baby, work it!


My blogs are often focused on the newer costumer. This one is for all Costumers, new and experienced, that want to keep up-to-date.

As said in a previous blog I started out before cell phones, pagers and computers. When a job came into town I drove over to the production office, well dressed, and handed in an résumé. The paper was carefully thought out to try and make my résumé stand out from the rest. When it was said to go cream I went crisp white, I used a heavier paper… anything that made mine a little different. Now the field has been levelled. All resumes are emailed in and either forwarded or printed on standard printer paper. So how is it that you get an edge?LinkedIn-Recommend

Last year I went to a weekend conference given by Jessica Sitomer, The Greenlight Coach, she has been working for many years helping people with networking and promoting themselves in the film industry. It was a fabulous weekend that I would highly recommended to anyone interested in furthering their career. It finally gave me the push to start breaking down some of the walls I have spent years building around myself.

I didn’t want to be on Facebook or any thing else. Quite frankly the idea of being involved with social media made me nervous! I was happy to keep working the way I was. The first thing Jessica said was, “Get with it!” (My words… she was more eloquent!) Every young costumer coming out of school today and starting in our industry has been brought up with laptops, smart phones, and the Internet. They communicate in texts and instant photo uploads. Some of us seasoned costumers are keeping up, but many are saying, “I have been fine so far, why change now?” Jessica’s question to us all was “How long do you want to keep working in this business? If it is shorter than 2-3 years… then you are fine to keep doing it your way.”

Being competitive now is more than just your résumé.

Another of the things that Jessica asked us was how would we describe ourselves… hard worker, pleasant, in early for work, willing to give 100 percent… apparently this is how we all describe ourselves. Hummm… I feel sorry for the interviewers!

137So what makes me different from the rest, why should I get the job over other qualified counterparts?

This is where Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, Pintrest and many other social media sites come in. What do you like, what do you listen to, what are your hobbies? Your passions and interests are what make you who you are…

… and WHO you are IS your edge.

This has been true throughout my career; when I go to an interview I know that I am not the only person being interviewed for the job; there are plenty of great costumers out there with very competitive resumes, and designers want to meet as many people as they can in the interview process. The Designer will choose whom they think will be the best person for the job not just by comparing resumes, but by what kind of person you are in the interview. They want to know you are positive, quick thinking, supportive and most of all they want to know that you can work within their team.

Now with social media and the Internet, ‘who you are’ can be researched before the interview… guess what… depending on what they see there, it may or may not happen.

I constantly ask myself what I can do to be better at my job, how do I get to the next level… now thanks to my weekend with Jessica Sitomer, I am also asking myself what I can do to better show who I am as a person to potential employers. I’ve started to break down those walls I have spent years building in order to separate my private life from my work life. A case in point is this very blog. I have talked about it for years saying I was going to do it. It was going to be very private, with out my name attached… but here it is public; with my name and all! Want to see who I am? Here you go.

I have not one but 2 Facebook pages, I am Linked-in, Word-pressed and YouTube’ed. Tweeting… well I am still thinking about that!


Of course the challenge is how do I balance all of these things. What’s happens when I leave the house and I haven’t written my blog for the week, haven’t posted on Facebook or setting up a new account on the next great social media site.

These things do take time to set up, and time to get good at… but you will become good at them, and you will become faster as you learn.

The big thing for me is to know that I will be forgiven if I decide to paint or go for a bike ride instead of making my blog post on time… right? ☺ After all, we need to feed the soul if we’re going to put it out there.

The main reason for networking is to help share WHO you are and WHAT you do and HOW you do it with everybody out there. And yes, I mean EVERYBODY… in order for this stuff to work you have to be comfortable sharing with anybody who wants to see.

My paper résumé is in a file at home, and my portfolio is in the cupboard. They only work for me if I can get a job interview. Now it is up to me to get my name out there in a positive way so that people want to bring me in for an interview.

Designers start their decision process long before the interview. Through IMBD and LinkedIn your résumé is sitting there awaiting the very tap of their fingers. Production can just email them a list of available names, then Google pops out info galore. There are photos and lists that attach you to everything.

But is it all true? That is only for you to say.

Remember this: Facebook is more than what you did last weekend or had for breakfast. It is about who you are as a person… it is your résumé for life.

Everything that is put on the Internet related to you is perceived as a piece of your life and can reflect on you and your chances of being hired. Have you put something on the web that you would rather not share with your next boss?

The key is integrity and accountability; be truthful, make sure that you want to be seen the way YOU are portraying yourself on the net… and be proud to back it all up when you arrive for work!

Take your life and your career in your own hands! Start promoting yourself positively!

Get linked, like things and tweet away just do it all the right way, your way!


1 thought on “Work it, baby, work it!

  1. WOW! What a great blog entry! Your personality sure shined through as did your sense of humor (loved the visuals). Can’t wait to read what’s next… unless you’re painting, in which case I will wait!

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