Why am I writing this blog?

IMG_1930Well, simply put, I have a desire to help all new and future costume department members not to have to stumble through their first experiences alone.  After years of hunting down information, taking pictures, writing notes, breaking down scripts, organizing crew, keeping cast comfortable, and talking to designers, directors and producers, I hope to share with you some of the knowledge that myself and the amazing set costumers I’ve worked with have discovered through trial and error.

Chances are if you’ve chosen the film industry as your career, you’ve tried to fit film study into your education path.  Being able to attend a film school is an amazing opportunity.  An education in an environment that promotes learning, surrounded by the best equipment with educated professionals to lead in you the right direction, is a wonderful experience.  As a matter of fact, any related training you can get before entering the film industry is fantastic.  But no program will prepare you for the practical reality that you are about to face.

When you are standing on set holding umbrellas in the freezing rain, touching up the blood continuity on shivering cast while their elaborate futuristic armor is dropping off in pieces into the mud at their feet and the director comes up to you for a ‘quick’ conversation about how the patterning on the Alien’s loincloth will show up in HD and then the producer arrives and asks if you could just run over to the splinter unit because there is a small issue with the color of the Alien blood… you will find that it is never as easy as it you thought it might be.

You’re not alone, we’ve all been there, thinking the same things and praying for someone to help us out…

… you are why I started this blog!

This is an amazing career that offers rewarding experiences to every person in our department… but I’m not going to lie to you; it’s hard work!  I want to help you find the confidence to face problems head on and the grace to learn from the challenges that you will overcome each day.

This is a job worth waking up for!

NOTE:  I remind everyone; the ideas in this blog are my own and those of the guest authors that will enlighten this space from time to time.  Opinions will differ depending on whom you are working with, where you are working and the context of any situation you find yourself in.  Be open to others… talk about what is needed to make the experience the best it can be for yourself and those you are working with… communicate!

Take what you can… give what you’re able… and learn from everything and everyone in between!


8 thoughts on “Why am I writing this blog?

  1. What a great intro!!!! I look forward to visiting the blog, reading the posts, and participating! I am proud of you lady!!!!

  2. Dawn, I’m so excited to follow your blog! I commend you for this incredible undertaking and wish you every success!
    Best Regards, Debbie

  3. Damn, I like strong women, and Dawn I really like you. Every time I meet you or read about you I am reminded why I do!
    Well done and, keep up the great work!

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